La Dispute’s new single “For Mayor In Splitsville”

Michigan Post-Hardcore band La Dispute, released their new single, “For Mayor In Splitsville”, off their upcoming album, “Rooms of the House.” This is La Dispute’s third full length album which is set to be released on March 18th. La Dispute is known for writing songs and albums that illustrate different concepts and stories. This upcoming album details a couple that is going through a serious breakup, as seen in the video. In this single, La Dispute expands their sound and creates a song with a pop punk/ indie rock feel. Even though its much more subtle than their other releases, Jordan Dreyer’s harsh vocals still gives the hardcore edge that defines La Dispute. Be sure to check out the song below and if you dig them, check them out when they come to Houston on March 21st. You can buy tickets here.


By Raj Radia

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