FunFunFun Fest Artist: Modest Mouse

Imagine hearing the unique vocal styling of Isaac Brock, lead singer of Modest Mouse, flowing out of a shed in the back of a trailer park in Issaquah, Washington.  The success that the band has obtained over a decade is an inspiration for all garage bands (or shed bands).

The band formed in 1993 with bassist Eric Judy, drummer Jeremiah Green and lead singer and song writer Isaac Brock. Front man Brock dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and had the childhood of a vagabond.

In 2000, before the band hit national fame, Brock commented, “There’s not much pride in saying that you grew up eating government cheese and food that came in boxes, surrounded by hillbillies.”

Despite the obstacles and lack of funds, Modest Mouse released their debut EP Blue Cadet 3- Do You Connect? in 1994. The bands philosophical lyrics filled with teenage angst attracted the underground music scene.

in 2004, the platinum selling album Good News For People Who Love Bad News put Modest Mouse on the international map. The single “Float On” topped the charts and the band was nominated for two Grammy’s after.


The following album We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank was still feeding off the success of the preceding and also topped the charts..

They have toured with the likes of The Flaming Lips and Cake.

They will be headlining FunFunFun Fest in Austin November 8th.

Be sure to keep listening for your chance to win tickets.


By Corina Carrizales

1 thought on “FunFunFun Fest Artist: Modest Mouse

  1. Modest Mouse has always made me feel the feels, and not that March 17 feels so close it’s almost unbearable to wait any longer!! Them on Fallon
    that day too is just gonna be way too much and I’m afraid I’ll start straight up bawling…That’s not embarrassing, right? 😉


    Link for the lazy:

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