Fave Cover Friday: Power Trip/ 2 On

Down the endless life and time sucking portal known as YouTube, I came across an amazing singer known as Ally Rhodes. She is a cover artist who takes many songs, mostly rap, and transforms it into her own- which is exactly what I love the most about covers.

After finding her YouTube, I couldn’t decide on which cover I wanted to share with you guys… So I made things easier on myself and chose two!

The first one is “Power Trip” by J. Cole ft. Miguel. “Power Trip” is a relatively old song released in 2013. This was a┬ásingle to J. Cole’s previous album “Born Sinner.”

Here’s the cover that I fell in love with, an acoustic version of a rap song which takes a lot of talent to do.

The second cover of her’s that I really enjoyed was “2 On” by Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q.

I think we can all agree that Ally’s super talented and┬ádefinitely worth checking out/following.

Daisha Lewis is a sophomore at the University of Houston and has been an active blogger since November 2014. Daisha has an immense love for music and sharing her passion with others. Follow her on Instagram (daishax) and/or Twitter (daishalx) to learn more.


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