Fave Cover Friday: Furthest Thing

With the recent release of Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, NWTS might be the furthest thing from our mind’s right now. But that album had plenty of gems so I’d like to throw it back this Friday and share this NWTS cover.

“Somewhere between psychotic and iconic, somewhere between I want and I got it…” – everyone on Twitter.

Andrew Garcia stays with the feel of this song, keeping it very laid back and soulful. He adds his own spin by using an acoustic and electric guitar. It also doesn’t hurt that his voice sounds like effortless perfection.

If you noticed, there wasn’t a FCF last week! I’ve decided to change it to every other Friday so I can deliver better content.

See you in 2 Fridays!

Daisha Lewis is a sophomore at the University of Houston and has been an active blogger since November 2014. Daisha has an immense love for music and sharing her passion with others. Follow her on Instagram (daishax) and/or Twitter (daishalx) to learn more.


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