Ed Sheeran’s New Music Video: “Bloodstream”

I am a HUGE fan of this! You may have heard a few of Ed Sheeran’s other songs: “Give me Love,” “I see Fire” or “Thinking Out Loud.” His soulful voice is enough to melt even the… What’s hard to melt? Diamonds? His voice melts diamonds. (Be mine!)

Last week, YouTube had its second-ever music awards in which Ed Sheeran paid tribute to the video titan with his new music video for “Bloodstream.

The music video follows a rich man living alone in his huge mansion surrounded by his stuff. There’s a strong message about the importance of building relationships instead of focusing all of your energy on being successful. The man in the video attempts to drink his pain away but ultimately ends up burning his guitars, destroying everything in sight and attempting suicide. It’s powerful stuff. Watch for yourself:



By: Brianna Kyles

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