Fave Cover Friday: Fallingforyou

This fave cover friday will be a little different than usual. I typically write about rap or r&b, so I’m hooking y’all up with something a bit different. This FCF is a cover of the song “Fallingforyou” by The 1975, performed by Jae Stephens.

I usually choose a song or artist I already know and find a cover based off of that. This time around, I was on Jae Stephens’ Soundcloud and was truly amazed by all of the covers she had. I chose this particular one because it was one of my favorites, but there are also a lot of great covers on her page. This artist’s style truly embodies what I love about covers- she changes it up completely and makes a familiar song her own.

For this The 1975 cover, I actually hadn’t really listened to the band before so it was pretty new to me.

Listen to Stephens’ cover of “Fallingforyou” here.

I checked out the original after and I loved that one too. You can listen to it here. If you’re interested in what you heard, I recommend checking out Stephens’ Soundcloud. There are some really creative, nice-sounding tunes and even some originals.


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