Fave Cover Friday: Ed Sheeran Covers Fetty Wap, Beyonce, and Oasis

Ed Sheeran… well-established singer, amazing guitar player and super talented cover artist as well. It’s no secret that Ed Sheeran loves covering popular artists. He enjoys breaking out covers on radio shows, tv shows, and even at his own concerts.

Last weekend, Sheeran blessed us by covering “Trap Queen,” a song by up-and-coming rapper Fetty Wap, on the Tonight Show. He was accompanied by The Roots.

Ed turns this catchy rap song into a soulful acoustic cover, adding guitar to his version as well.

While on the topic of Ed Sheeran covers, I have decided to showcase a few of my favorites of his for this Fave Cover Friday. Here is Sheeran covering a classic- “Wonderwall” and a fan-favorite- “Drunk In Love”.

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