Travel Tunesday: Hit the Road, Rage.

photo by Madeline Robicheaux

Dear Road Rage,

We are breaking up.

photo by Madeline Robicheaux
Photo by Madeline Robicheaux

Raise your hand if you suffer from road rage because of Houston traffic? You are not alone. Lots of yelling and weird made up sign language that expresses your anger. We have all been there. The only way to overcome this rage is to just grab a cup (or two) of coffee, take a deep breath, and jam these tunes; I chose these tunes because they go through all the stages of road rage. First stage is, well, pure rage. In your mind, everyone has forgotten how to drive. You can’t understand why humans text while driving (especially in the passing lane), or why everyone turns into Nosy Nancy whenever a police officer pulls over another car for a speeding ticket. The first stage is the worst. The second stage is when you give up entirely on trying to get to your destination in a timely manner. You chose your tunes, sit back, and watch the other Houstonians go through stage one. The final stage is the utter bliss of listening to your final song and arriving home (or a bar for happy hour, let’s be honest). Some stages may last longer than others, but as long as you have a solid playlist, like the one I have provided below, you can break up the on-again-off-again relationship with road rage.


By Madeline Robicheaux

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