Day For Night Giveaway

Want to go for Day For Night? Here’s what you need to do! In the comments of this post, write your best limerick about your favorite Day For Night artist. We’re going to be picking the best two limericks to win passes to Day For Night; it’s that easy. Make them funny, or make us cry, the choice is yours.


Here’s an example:

An amoeba, named Max, and his brother / Were sharing a drink with each other; / In the midst of their quaffing, / They split themselves laughing, / And each of them now is a mother.

Good luck to everyone!

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16 comments on “Day For Night Giveaway
  1. Leslie Rodriguez says:

    Beatz drop nonstop shes that Elliphant
    Boyz flop like props just another taunt
    Sting em like a bumble bee
    Bad sore for days you feel me
    Red marks all day leave them there to haunt

  2. Zach Flores says:

    Kendrick used to say fuck your ethnicity/ Til he became a good kid and the rest became history/ Now he’s teaching us Wesley’s theory/ While I’m wondering if he’ll hear me/ This weekend that’s the mystery.

  3. An archandroid with style so dope

    Taught all the world to tightrope

    Houston she will slay

    For night and for day

    Please let me see Janelle Monae

  4. Adrian Randolph says:

    Day for night featuring Kendrick Lamar and FlyLo,
    and with that whole set list, it’s going to be a really live show,
    I also can’t forget about Janelle Monae, I get to see the best rapper and I also get to see bae, Day for Night might as well be sponsored by Burger King, because I’m having it my way

  5. Dante Garcia says:

    Dillon Francis is a real cool DUDE
    His snaps can come off a bit CRUDE
    But the Dill is only keeping it REAL
    When Moombahton is the sound you FEEL
    So let go, jam out and stop being be so PRUDE

  6. Shannon says:

    Kendrick Lamar calls him FlyLo
    But captain Murphy’s who I know.
    He produces fly shit
    Lowkey always a hit

  7. Mary Toombs says:

    Feeding the brain with some rhythm/ an enigma, their lyrics I live em / walls of sound all around/ melding day and the night/ on this weekend I’ll hope to be with them

  8. akeem says:

    the good kid from a m.a.a.d city
    got me tryna write something witty
    will i be alright?
    with these tickets i might
    hear sick beats and see something pretty

  9. Fidel says:

    I wanted to catch New Order
    No tickets, I’ll jump the border
    If I get caught, oh well
    but don’t wish to go to jail
    I hope to afford a lawyer.

  10. tclapp says:

    The nephew of Coltrane
    Genre: Hard to Explain
    beats o so filthy
    hating? not guilty
    Then he melted my brain.

  11. There once was a man named Ian/Who couldn’t handle the pain of bein’/His four friends moved on and their money got long/And hopefully I see them this weekend.

  12. Emmanuel Obot says:

    Female dog do not kill my vibe
    for i have not the funds to bribe
    you better get out of my face
    run far far from this place
    Or garish violence just might transcribe

  13. Chelsea Murray says:

    U AINT GOTTA LIE just to kick it, INSTITUTIONALIZED for these tickets, we getting them FOR FREE, they’re FOR SALE and not cheap. Like HOW MUCH A DOLLAR COST and can I flip it?

  14. Jennise Beverly says:

    We gon be ALRIGHT this Christmas, if we win these Kendrick tickets, U and I, will have an alibi, to get crunk and fly wit Saint Nicholas.

  15. Katherine McEnrue says:

    There was a Sherane from Compton /
    who did hoodrat things quite often; /
    smokin’ shenanigans, /
    she was straight panickin’, /
    now she’s found peace in the coffin.

  16. Jordyn Chaffold says:

    Kendrick is the master that mastered it, day and night in the posters he plastered it, I’ve been wanting to see him, hell wanted to be him, so I got some hair braids I’m Immaculate.

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