Artist Spotlight: Fallulah


Fallulah, a Danish musician, who now resides in Germany, released her third studio album on Feb. 16, 2016. She’s been performing for her entire life, starting off as a dancer. Now, focusing on music, she has been compared to artists like Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds.

Her style of music is great for any mood you find yourself in. Fallulah’s extensive background in dance and music make her music distinctive, refreshing, and encouraging. Not to mention, the list of instruments she can play is more than impressive. She’s touring a small part of Europe at the moment. You can hit her up on social media, letting her know she needs to cross the pond and preform in Houston as soon as possible.

Recently her song “Give Us a Little Love” was featured on MTV’s Catfish, so be on the lookout for more soundtrack features from Fallulah.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and listen up on Spotify and iTunes. Listen to her new album, Perfect Tense, and her two previous LPs.

Bethany Polson is a senior majoring in Media Studies, minoring in business. She loves God, enchiladas, tall buildings, taking naps, singing songs, and many other things. She writes about really cool artists who are doing really cool things. If you're interested in being featured by Bethany, please let her know! Tweet @BethaneePolson!

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