Artist Spotlight: Patternist


Patternist, a one man band composed of Gabe Mouer, has been bringing new sounds to the indie electropop scene since 2014. Mouer was originally part of a band who had the opportunity to tour quite a bit in the beginning when he decided to take a break from music to finish college.

Now, known as Patternist, Mouer wrote and produced his first EP titled Youth is Fading in 2014. He’s been successful in licensing his music to many popular television networks that bring the singer a broader audience. Since the first release, Mouer has been working on his next EP and has since released several new singles.

With inspirations like The 1975, St. Lucia, and Bastille, Patternist’s sound is soft enough to be peaceful but upbeat enough to be great soundtrack music. You can catch him at the House of Blues Bronze Peacock room on Saturday, March 26, 2016 opening for Vinyl Theatre and Finish Ticket on the Ones to Watch Tour. The show is only $18 and all three of the bands have bright futures ahead of them. Get tickets right here. Before Saturday, check out Patternist on Spotify, buy from him on iTunes, follow his Twitter, Instagram, and like his Facebook.

Bethany Polson is a senior majoring in Media Studies, minoring in business. She loves God, enchiladas, tall buildings, taking naps, singing songs, and many other things. She writes about really cool artists who are doing really cool things. If you're interested in being featured by Bethany, please let her know! Tweet @BethaneePolson!

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