SOS Fest Artist Spotlight: Purity Ring


Canadian electronic duo, Purity Ring, are coming to put this year’s Sound on Sound Fest into a sea of tranquility with their dreamy set.

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Megan James and Corin Roddick have been catching attention internationally for being the front runners of synth pop. James and Roddick, however, were not always just Purity Ring. The two started their musical journey apart of a band called Gobble Gobble. While on tour with the band, Roddick experimented with sound mixes and beats while incorporating James’s vocals, thus birthing Purity Ring.

In 2011, the duo, Megan James and Corin Roddick, created ripples in the music scene with their song “Ungirthed”. Gaining a lot of attention from their single, Purity Ring followed the anticipation with an official debut with the hauntingly expiremental pop album, Shrines. 

Following their debut, James and Roddick took turn onto a brighter and more traditional pop-esque route with their newest album, Another Eternity. Nonetheless, they still bring their trademark spin on the genre and intertwine their uniqueness seamlessly.

Do not miss out on enjoying Purity Rings’s unique take on music at SOS fest on November 5th. Buy your tickets here.


By Daniella Reyna

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