About Us

What is Coog Radio? 

Coog Radio is an online radio station operated by students from the University of Houston. Coog Radio aims to not only provide a creative outlet for students to express themselves over the air, but also introduce them to the world of broadcasting. The shows we carefully select are representative of our diverse student body and range in musicality amongst different genres and themes. Coog Radio also prides itself on promoting and supporting artists and groups from Houston in the hopes of fostering a sense of community between the University of Houston and the City of Houston.

Who currently helps run Coog Radio?


Fall 2020 Board of Directors

Station Director                                         CJ Moorer                         [email protected]

Programming Director                             Miles Wallace                    [email protected]

Associate Programming Director            Ben Berryman                   [email protected]

Marketing Director                                   Walbert Castillo                [email protected]

Associate Marketing Director                  Joshua Vergara               

Web Director                                             Leslie Campos                    [email protected]

Station Engineer                                        Brandon Smith                  [email protected]

Event Coordinator

Media Coordinator                                   Jess Henderson


Coog Radio Through the Years 

Co-founders Conner Clifton, Markley Rogers, and Matt Womack envisioned the concept in 2010, but it wasn’t executed until Fall 2011. Coog Radio launched on August 29, 2011. Lee Waddell interviews Founder/Director Conner Clifton, Music Director Josue Garcia, PR & Marketing Director Gloria Cheng, and other Coog Radio DJs almost a year later on August 23, 2012 about the station’s inception and its workings.

March 30, 2016, Marisa Ramirez Interviews Station Manager Justin Lyles and Programming Director Trent Lira

“It’s because the students wanted it. Students wanted a student run station, so three people got together and petitioned for it,” said Justin Lyles, station manager for Coog Radio. “We started in the basement of the Engineering building. We’ve been in the (former) University Center Underground, crammed in a closet, and now we have our fancy studios.”

“The fun and appeal of student-run radio is that it’s the student voice. Coog Radio is for the student,” said programming director Trent Lira. “We have people from all kinds of majors that are involved in Coog Radio. I’m a theater major, but I’m interested in college radio.”

Coog Radio Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Coog Radio Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday 

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