La Dispute shook Houston to it’s core Thursday night at White Oak Music Hall! The doors opened at 8 p.m., bumming some attendees out at the late entry since it insinuated a late start. Ultimately, they did not mind too …

La Dispute shakes up the White Oak Music Hall Read more »

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The closest I’ve ever been to an opera was in the 5th grade. My teacher at the time, Ms. Sqaure, took us the watch the Houston Symphony; I think it was an outreach program because kids from other schools were …

The Phoenix Rises at The Houston Opera [SPOILERS GALORE] Read more »

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Photo: Grant Spanier | Courtesy of Lolo Zouaï’

In order to get a really good understanding of Lolo Zouaï’s performance, we should analyze the current shifts and trends in the music industry, particularly the R&B genre. Over the years, R&B has gone from singing in the rain to …

Lolo Zouaï: No Lows, Just Highs Read more »

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Before Noname took to the stage, her opener Elton was a sight to behold. Elton has the vocal range to make it big. Elton was a challenge to shoot due to how much energy he had. Elton had the fans …

Noname: Neo-Soul Resurrection Read more »

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Noname | Soundcloud

Noname, an upcoming household name, will be performing at White Oak Music Hall on Thursday, Feb. 28th. The first time I heard of Noname was about three years ago on SoundCloud. She was known as Noname the Gypsy, and she …

Noname: An Upcoming Household Name Read more »

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Thanks to skilled UK rappers such as Stormyz, Roll Deep, Skepta, Dizzee Rascal, and many more, the genre UK Rap/UK Grime is finally getting the shine it deserves. In 2002, the genre was created by Richard Kylea Cowie Jr, who …

SXSW Artist Spotlight: Flohio, UK Rap and Grime Read more »

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I just wanted to start this article by saying thank you to Complex, XXL, and to those that are no longer with us, such as the Vibe, Word Up!, and The Source, for pushing hip-hop journalism. During the early to …

Hip-Hop Journalism: From Print to Internet & Soulja Boy’s Influence Read more »

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Washed Out Band Photo. Ernest Greene pictured.

Breaking out onto the scene in 2009 with his hit song, “Feel it all Around” which is now the opening theme song of the hit show Portlandia, Washed Out along with Toro Y Moi, XXYYXX, and Neon Indian, are considered …

Artist Spotlight: Washed Out Read more »

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Remember the show The Powerpuff Girls? How about Samurai Jack? These shows, along with a few others once aired on Cartoon Network, as they were the last shows to before Toonami. Toonami was Cartoon Network’s late night anime segment that …

Artist Spotlight: Father Read more »

  We’ve all heard of K-pop. I mean who hasn’t? From BTS to Monsta X to Shinee, Korean Pop is taking the western hemisphere by storm. But there’s another form of Korean music that’s on the rise, Korean hip-hop/Korean trap. …

Local Artist: Young Korea and Houston’s Korean Hip-Hop Scene Read more »

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Rico Nasty

The first time people hear Rico Nasty’s song, “Rage” they often talk about how alive they felt along with being understood. The only other time I felt this way was after the release of Solange Knowle’s “A Seat at The …

Mala Luna Spotlight: Representation in Rico Nasty’s Rage Read more »

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