After an extensive legal battle and feud, Lil Wayne finally released the long awaited album The Carter V in 2018. Four years after the intended release, the album was arguably the most influential hip hop album of 2018, despite many of the songs being recorded in 2014. It is astounding how Lil Wayne remains to be a relevant figure in music, despite his age and time spent in the industry. This year, Lil Wayne reclaimed his artistic identity and shot waves through hip hop, making him my artist of the year. - Christina Dias

In my opinion, there is no such thing as an old classic. There are simply classics that have faded in time, but if they were re-examined, would be considered as amazing and exotic as they first were. Particularly, this philosophy …

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UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 01: Photo of Public Image Ltd.; John Lydon (center) with members of PiL photographed at his apartment in Notting Hill. Jah Wobble on right (Photo by Janette Beckman/Redferns)

The leap John Lydon took from the raw angst that fueled the Sex Pistols to the experimental (but refined) Public Image Ltd. helped revolutionize the idea that punk could remain edgy while simultaneously pushing musical boundaries. That is what post-punk …

A Tiny Bit of Punk History and PiL’s Metal Box (1979) Read more »

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Eccentricity: It’s one of the most interesting characteristics in the musical world. Notably, some genres are expected to make it work better than others. For example, rap has artists like Tierra Whack, Ugly God, and Kanye to represent its eccentricity. …

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Her’s was an Indie Rock band based in Liverpool, England, featuring a talented duo Stephen Fitzpatrick (Vocals/Guitar) and Audun Laading (Bass guitar/Backing vocals). Their debut album Invitation to Her’s was released under the radar in 2018, but was full of …

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Since April begins with the lightheartedness of April Fool’s Day, it seems fitting to write a piece about music’s most famous fool, or in this case clown, Pagliaccio. Operas have phased out of popular culture as of late with the …

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How To Be A Human Being Album Cover

For when you want to feel human or when you want to feel understood, Glass Animals How To be a Human Being’s collection of stories turned into sound continues to carry a strong power that can heal even two years after its …

Empathy’s Lasting Power in Glass Animals’ How To Be A Human Being Read more »

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For this week’s throwback, we take a look at one of Hip-Hop’s finest gems, A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory. 29 years ago, back when George H. W. Bush was president, when Nelson Mandela was freed from a …

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Photo by Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times

Recently, I’ve felt nostalgia towards the songs that frequently played when I was a kid; those same songs which connect me, my childhood, and family—more specifically, the songs that remind me of the most festive times growing up. Being that …

#TBT: The Spanish Songs You Thought You Forgot but Actually Miss Read more »

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Any Warhol (left) and the Velvet Underground. Credit: Estate of Nat Finkelstein

It was 1967 and the infamously eccentric Andy Warhol had claimed to have given up painting to devote his time towards a career in film and music (though he would later resume art before ultimately delving into photography). He dominated …

On Andy Warhol, the Velvet Underground, and Success Read more »

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Rap is indubitably one of the most misunderstood and slandered genres of music. With many people refusing to move past the profanity and raw lyricism to understand an artist’s intent, rap songs that contain beautiful poetry and make important statements …

2Pac: A Poet With Undeniable Purpose Read more »

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Picture from UMI's Instagram. Shot by @georgiaseizis

2018 was a year filled with countless ups and downs as well as tons of good music. Some songs happened to fall through the cracks and I’m here to make sure you didn’t forget them. Here are, Bops You Almost …

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Seattle may be the birthplace of hipster loving Starbucks, but this rainy city was once ground zero for several breakout grunge bands from the late 80s that exploded into the mainstream rock scene in the early 90s. The “rain city …

The City That Redefined Rock Read more »

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