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Freddie Gibbs has not had a cakewalk of a career by any means. After being dropped from Interscope in 2006, he joined Young Jeezy’s CTE World, only to leave in 2013 to form his own label. In 2016, his career …

Freddie Gibbs’s Album of the Year Tour is Coming to Houston Read more »

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The Side Eyes

Bassist Chris Devine of “The Side Eyes”   The accessibility of recorded music has made it difficult for many to find incentive to go to live shows. Audiophiles could and most definitely would provide lengthy arguments if I was to challenge …

The Importance of Attending Live Concerts Read more »

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Flying Lotus, Captain Murphy, Flylo, Steven Ellison, Juno Lead, Lunchpail, or whatever you call him; is coming to Houston to melt minds at the already mind melting winter festival Day For Night, here in Houston at the Silver Street Studios …

Day For Night Artist Spotlight: Flying Lotus Read more »

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