After an extensive legal battle and feud, Lil Wayne finally released the long awaited album The Carter V in 2018. Four years after the intended release, the album was arguably the most influential hip hop album of 2018, despite many of the songs being recorded in 2014. It is astounding how Lil Wayne remains to be a relevant figure in music, despite his age and time spent in the industry. This year, Lil Wayne reclaimed his artistic identity and shot waves through hip hop, making him my artist of the year. - Christina Dias

In my opinion, there is no such thing as an old classic. There are simply classics that have faded in time, but if they were re-examined, would be considered as amazing and exotic as they first were. Particularly, this philosophy …

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Since April begins with the lightheartedness of April Fool’s Day, it seems fitting to write a piece about music’s most famous fool, or in this case clown, Pagliaccio. Operas have phased out of popular culture as of late with the …

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How To Be A Human Being Album Cover

For when you want to feel human or when you want to feel understood, Glass Animals How To be a Human Being’s collection of stories turned into sound continues to carry a strong power that can heal even two years after its …

Empathy’s Lasting Power in Glass Animals’ How To Be A Human Being Read more »

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Photo by Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times

Recently, I’ve felt nostalgia towards the songs that frequently played when I was a kid; those same songs which connect me, my childhood, and family—more specifically, the songs that remind me of the most festive times growing up. Being that …

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Since it’s Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to look back and give thanks to a band that seems to have fallen out of the mainstream conversation of 70s rock, Redbone. The Native American rock band would go on …

Giving Thanks to Redbone: Looking Back at the Native American Rock Band Read more »

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The Spice Girls, 1996 | Tim Roney/Getty Images

With the Spice Girls announcing their U.K. reunion tour and their spiritual successors Little Mix dropping a buzz track proclaiming that they’re “on that feminist tip,” I’ve been thinking a lot about the history of feminism in mainstream pop music …

Gotta Get With My Friends: How The Spice Girls Turned Girl Power Mainstream Read more »

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