Coog Radio Compilation Vol.1

Coog Radio would like to personally thank all of the artists who made this compilation possible, our listeners for their love and support, the University of Houston for letting our voice be heard, and lastly, the city of Houston for which our first compilation is dedicated to.

Unofficially titled “Houston Summer Nights”, Coog Radio Vol.1  is an homage to the city we call home. Here’s the soundtrack to your summer, Houston. Enjoy


1.Dreaming – Run DMT

2.Opium – Abstract Cannon

3.Syndicate – Elegant Animals

4.Meridian (Sines Remix) – CROCAT

5.Double Dragon – Fat Tony & Tom Cruz

6.Trickin – Josiah Gabriel

7.O’Donojú – I Can Chase Dragons!

8.Cool Kids – Twin Cabins

9.Stickers – Sleep ∞ Over

10.Nice Dreams – Tan Dollar

11.Vox – Turning Torso


13.He Would Make Her Like Winter – Redondo Beach

14.Fall In Love – Abstract Cannon

15.Doubler – A Sea Es

16.Lessons of Darkness (Apology) – Supreme Cuts

17.The Lights – The Stalactite Singers Family Band

18.Heaven – Noble Oak

19.Junio – Sobrenadar

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