Tame Impala to release new album

Even a Flaming Lips collaboration couldn’t satiate Tame Impala fans their need for a follow-up to 2010’s hypnotic Innerspeaker. After months of nothing but sparse details regarding its recording (recording in Paris, working with Dave Fridmann, using a Roland RE-201 Space Echo), the band finally released a teaser for what the video suggests will be 2012’s Lonerism. Here’s a minute clip of some old tour stock footage accompanied by a phaser-draped psych-apocalyptic space jam featuring the ghost of John Lennon. Enjoy

EDIT: “Apocalypse Dreams” has since been released. It’s the b-side for their upcoming single “Elephant,” and you can here the six minute bi-polar tune regarding our existence here. The single is also free for download if you relinquish your email address.

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