3 thoughts on “How Nicki Minaj Actually Made A Good Point About The VMAs

  1. Agreed. Chris brown talks about the music industries award shows as well and the way the voting for the awards go sounds like the music industry has some things they need to work on as far as fairness to the artist “cream of the crop”

  2. Great blog!! Yes, Nikki should be nominated beyond the hiphop category. They play her music on the pop stations so why not? I dont agree with her approach at the awards but I understand her frustration of feeling boxed in.

  3. Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why we have award ceremonies in the first place? While I see what Minaj is saying, and she’s 100% correct, the bigger issue seems to be the fact that we have an entire industry dedicated to ranking artists and telling them who is the best in their field. There are musical acts that weren’t even nominated that I like more than either Cyrus or Minaj; if an act doesn’t even score a nomination for an award, does that indicate that they aren’t good at all?

    To me, it’s like giving an award for “Funniest Joke”; art is way to personal to merit an award show.

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