“34+35 Remix” Review

Did someone say girl power?

The recent release of Ariana Grande’s “34+35 Remix” featuring current rap princesses, Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat, may not have been able to capture the essence of a solid remix but did open up a new style of music for all three stars.

The single begins with a similar style that is not unfamiliar with Ariana Grande. A pure mix of trap, pop, and R&B establishes a hook for listeners of any genre.

Just when the song is getting comfortable to the listener’s ear, Doja Cat exceeds the listener’s expectations with a sexy, strong, and playful verse. Doja, establishes herself and offers the new “34+35” a transition into what would become Megan Thee Stallion‘s rendition.

After a return to the catchy chorus, the listeners are gifted with a verse from the current rap sensation and H-Town Hottie herself. Megan offers a nasty, freaky side showing her versatility as an artist.

The remix debuted at No. 2 on the billboard top 100. All three women prove that a song with mainstream success can become a masterpiece if you just add some girl power. 

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