FunFunFun Fest Haiku Contest!

We will be giving away FunFunFun Fest 3- day passes every day until November 4th! If you did not get a chance to win on air or through twitter, try your luck on our blog!

To enter, leave a comment on THIS post with a Haiku poem inspired by an artist you hope to see at the festival.

Be sure to include your full name and email address in the comment!

Deadline to submit is Sunday, October 26th at 10 PM.

No entries after the deadline will be considered.

Good Luck!


If you are unsure of what a Haiku is, check out an example below:

I want tickets, please.

Coog Radio is the best.

Yay, FunFunFun Fest!

If you do not win this contest, don’t worry! Stay tuned to our Twitter/Facebook and website daily for a new contest each day!

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41 comments on “FunFunFun Fest Haiku Contest!

  2. Jay MC says:

    I wanna win these tickets.
    So I can see 2Chainz, with 3 Chains.
    Racking up the money while killing these brains.

  3. Mehr says:

    A cougar for life
    prepared to have fun fun fun
    catching modest mouse

  4. naz fallah says:

    I was born named Nas,
    inspired by talents and Jahs,
    Fun fun fun, my cause

    –> COOG FO LIFE! <–

  5. Julie says:

    2 Chainz, I must see.
    Bad Bitch contest, I’m in 1st
    My prize: FREE TICKETS!

  6. Lineup is sicker,
    I’m sayin’, A C L who?
    Y’all know that it’s true!


    Emily Gasper, [email protected]

  7. Sabina Raja says:

    Sound waves at the shores
    And we’ll all float on alright
    Good news will follow!

    [email protected]

  8. Natalie Asaff says:

    Grad school kind of stinks
    Armisen to cheer us up
    Laugh the night away

    Natalie Asaff

  9. timothy says:

    Fun fun fun fest
    with judus priest
    Will make me at the least
    happy to see after
    My fun and laughter
    Of comedy at its best.

  10. Natalie Asaff says:

    Saddle’s waiting, oh?
    I will jump on your pony
    Just wait and see boy

    Natalie Asaff

  11. Melina Bravo says:

    Gonna live at last
    Will rise above all the ash
    Green at Fun can’t pass

    City & Colour

  12. Anna Asaff says:

    To the beat we dance
    Fists in the air without care
    Bring the fun fun fun

  13. Yvonne Herrera says:

    The Hilton is lame
    Are all the rooms booked at the
    Neutral Milk Hotel?

    (Name: Yvonne Herrera. Email: [email protected])

  14. Noah Wales says:

    Please pick someone who
    knows how to write a haiku.
    I like Chelsea Wolfe.

    – Noah Wales ; Artist: Chelsea Wolfe.
    [email protected]

  15. Ivan Casarrubias says:

    On hypnotic waves
    The brain feeder offers me
    A flying lotus.

  16. Zoe Quezada says:

    Kids like you and me
    would kill to see the Black Lips
    play fun fun fun fest

    Zoe Quezada
    [email protected]

  17. Dan Vo says:

    Awkward teenager
    Death above,79
    Relive the cringefest

  18. Carson rego says:

    We will all Float on
    The beauty is never gone
    Isaac Brock the one

  19. Graham says:

    D Green in the scene
    fun, fun, fun, in the city
    words filled with colour

  20. Carson rego says:

    We will all Float on
    The beauty is never gone
    Isaac Brock the one

  21. Emily Prince says:

    May I be the one
    Picked for this awesome fest please
    Alt-J is the best!

    Emily Prince
    [email protected].

  22. Alex Segura says:

    Guided By Voices,

    I wrote the winning haiku,

    Now Yo La Tengo.

    (ps I know Guided By Voices are off the bill, but it made for a good line so…)

  23. John Bisesi says:

    Though forever young,
    Run the Jewels is not for kids
    So bless my grown ass

    [email protected]

  24. vanessa serrato says:

    madlib and freddie Gibbs
    what could be missing
    oh yeah, some tickets

    vanessa Serrato

  25. Robert Blake says:

    Isaac Brock has

    A lisp, but he still

    Floats on anyway

    Robert Blake
    [email protected]

  26. Zachary Flores says:

    FunFunFun Fest.

    Mystical music that I love.

    Whataburger, please.

  27. faith nguyen says:

    Dancing with no bounds,
    Singing with head to the clouds,
    At Fun Fun Fun Fest

    Faith Nguyen
    [email protected]

  28. Alexander says:

    At Fun Fun Fun Fest
    Feeling free till the sun sets
    U H Represent!

  29. With heavy discordant sound
    Loud, orchestrated chaos
    The Blood Brothers scream

  30. French piano tones echo
    Excited pulse, sweaty palms
    Austin sky blue as the sound

    Yann Tiersen

  31. Sonya Bandouil says:

    I love Judas Priest
    My boyfriend is a huge fan,
    Getting these tickets would be amazing, oh man

  32. Sonya Bandouil says:

    I love Judas Priest,
    My boyfriend’s also a huge fan,
    Tickets to FFF fest would be amazing, oh man

  33. Aaron Nieto says:

    Cashmere Cat, so phat
    Turns the tables, Norway Beats
    Be My Baby, Cat

    Wow that was harder than I expected it to be.

  34. faisalw says:

    Sky Ferreira Live!
    Flashing lights and dark synth sounds
    At Fun Fun Fun Fest.

    Faisal Warsani
    [email protected]

  35. Alex Parish says:

    Modest Mouse I love
    But I have to skip their set
    For my friends ShiSho

  36. Sara Parsley says:

    Fun Fest state of mind-
    Veggie hot dogs in the sun
    And beer in my mouth.

  37. Travis Clow says:

    Adidas with a
    plate of chicken, got mob ties
    KFC, Harold’s, and Popeye’s

    Freddie Gibbs interpreted by Travis Clow

    [email protected]

  38. Lisa Dao says:

    Hi Fred Armisen.
    I really like your cute face.
    We can pickle that.

  39. Victoria Alvarez says:

    The Blood Brothers play.
    Love Ryhmes with a Hideous Car Wreck.
    Please get me to the Fest.

  40. emily Flannery says:

    Oh to see alt-j,
    It would be my fitzpleasure.
    My heart would bloodflood

  41. John Huggins says:

    Booty. Booty. Ass.
    There’s a Drink in My right hand
    Well My Left Hand Free


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