On March 6th at Houston’s House of Blues, Coog Radio had the opportunity to sit down with pop singer-songwriter Natalie Jane. Although Natalie Jane had to cancel her Houston performance due to health issues, we were able to speak with her prior to the cancellation. Interviewer Isha Merchant chats with Jane about her feelings about […]

Indie-pop is taking over the Houston music scene, and I honestly kinda like it. Elevator Days, a newer band, has been dominating the local scene with their song “Call Me When You Get Home.” The song itself has a garage band feel, it feels very authentic and raw, but with a touch of an upbeat […]

The AI takeover is upon us. Over the last few months, artificial intelligence – often shortened to simply “AI” – has exponentially grown in popularity, largely courtesy of the introduction of ChatGPT, an AI bot that seemingly has limitless capabilities. Viral social media posts have seen internet users write stories, essays, songs, and more all […]

On December 7, Coog Radio sat down with Jarvis Kinney, a local Houston rap artist and a fellow Coog. We got a chance to speak about his early musical memories, the Houston rap scene, and his future as an artist. Jarvis recently dropped two projects that are filled with songs for a good time so […]

The following is the transcript from an interview with Jack Diserens, co-founder of Anthems, a fast-growing music sharing application. The interview took place on November 21, 2022 on Lapsed Radio.  — Alright, everyone. Welcome to Lapsed Radio. Today we have an interview with Jack Diserens, one of the co-founders of Anthems. How are you doing […]

On October 15, 2022 synth-pop new wave band Glove opened the American Express stage at Austin City Limits Music Festival with a stellar performance. The group exhibits 80’s nostalgia with a twist of post-punk electronic and consists of four members: Brie Denicourt, Rod Woolf, Michelle Primiani and Justin Burns.  Below is the transcribed conversation held […]

Trent Cade just released his debut EP, On His Way, which is out now on all platforms. This alternative country-influenced project arrived just in time for the fall season and is just a sneak peek at what Trent has in store for us. Apart from being an incredibly talented songwriter, producer, and musician, he also […]

On December 8th, 2021 I had the pleasure to sit down with Ashley, Zach, and Lauren, the Houston-based indie trio known as “Astralace.” I initially found out about the group when I saw them perform at House of J in East Houston. I was impressed when I first heard the band, and I knew I […]

If you haven’t heard of Amanda Pascali, I hate to break it to you, but you’re seriously missing out. Her immigrant-American-folk duo (consisting of herself and Addison Freeman) is a phenomenal partnership and the very definition of quality local music. I had the privilege of interviewing Amanda and Addison at our studio for Coog Radio’s […]

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