Author: Riles Moquin

It’s not often you hear a record that hits you like a brick yet floats with the gentleness of a feather. Daudi Matsiko’s The King of Misery is one of those records. Singer-songwriter Daudi Matsiko releases The King of Misery on January 19th. The British-Ugandan has collaborated with Thundercat and received praise from music figures […]

There are few albums that resonate with me as strongly as Sampha’s debut album Process. We’re six years on from that record; three years on from the first time I pressed play on the project. Finally, Sampha Sisay – known for giving a voice to the musings of this generation’s biggest icons – has blessed […]

On the tail end of his Please Have A Seat tour, Chicago-based singer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist NNAMDÏ stopped at The Secret Group to put on an intimate show with opening act Luke Titus for the Houston audience. Titus – a fellow Chicago-based artist and the opener for the second half of the Please Have A […]

The AI takeover is upon us. Over the last few months, artificial intelligence – often shortened to simply “AI” – has exponentially grown in popularity, largely courtesy of the introduction of ChatGPT, an AI bot that seemingly has limitless capabilities. Viral social media posts have seen internet users write stories, essays, songs, and more all […]

The following is the transcript from an interview with Jack Diserens, co-founder of Anthems, a fast-growing music sharing application. The interview took place on November 21, 2022 on Lapsed Radio.  — Alright, everyone. Welcome to Lapsed Radio. Today we have an interview with Jack Diserens, one of the co-founders of Anthems. How are you doing […]

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