Artist Interview: The One And Only Trent Cade

Written by on October 12, 2022

Trent Cade just released his debut EP, On His Way, which is out now on all platforms. This alternative country-influenced project arrived just in time for the fall season and is just a sneak peek at what Trent has in store for us. Apart from being an incredibly talented songwriter, producer, and musician, he also happens to be a full-time student here at the University of Houston, studying Marketing and Management.

It was a pleasure getting to sit down with Trent, a fellow Coog, to promote his new music and get to ask him a few questions regarding his musical journey and creative process.

Photo by Elizabeth Serrurier

Coog Radio (CR): Thank you so much for stopping by today! To start us off, How did you first get into creating music?

Trent Cade (TC): I would say I first got my start by producing and playing with different sounds and keys. I started to mess around with different elements and features on Ableton and started to experiment with my voice in ways I never did before.

CR: Who are your biggest influences, musically and personally?

TC: When it comes to music, I was always inspired by legendary rap lyricists, such as Eminem and Logic for their unique flow and impressive bars. I’ve always been passionate about the writing process and being able to feel something with music. I would classify my music as Alternative country, but I am heavily inspired by the lyricism and melodies in modern Rap and Hip Hop. Zach Bryan is also an honorable mention, I think he’s an incredible songwriter. When it comes to personal influences, my family has definitely always shown me their unwavering support during my musical journey and has inspired me in a lot of different ways. My sister was actually the one who paid for my first-ever studio session!

CR: That’s amazing! I’m really big on lyricism as well and also have a lot of respect for Eminem as an artist. If you could make a song with any musician, who would it be?

TC: If I could collaborate with any musician it would definitely be Taylor Swift. I just think our voices would blend really well and would sound perfect on a song. I also think she’s incredibly talented! I really respect her as a songwriter and musician.

Trent Cade- Big Ego (Official Music Video)
Courtesy of Youtube

CR: When do your best ideas for a song usually arise?

TC: It honestly just depends, I get a lot of inspiration for my music when I am feeling different things. When I’m mad I’ll write, when I’m upset I’ll write, when I’m feeling happy and in a great mood, I’ll WRITE! It all just depends on the feeling, songwriting is a huge emotional release for me.

CR: What do you want listeners to take away from this new EP?

TC: When people listen to my music, I want them to always have hope and keep the faith, no matter what they are going through in life. I want people to know they are loved, valued, and never alone. That’s the main takeaway. I want people to feel connected with my music and never to feel alone. I’m really big on valuing others, especially those who have always supported me. From my family, friends, and amazing fans. I am so grateful and appreciative to anyone who has taken the time to listen to my music. It seriously means the world to me.

CR: What are your goals for 2023? And what are your goals for your career in general?

TC: My main goal for 2023 is to really expand my presence in the Houston area. I really want to get more connected to the music scene here in Houston since there is so much talent and opportunities for growth in this city. When it comes to my music career as a whole, I really just to make a genuine impact on people, that’s the first step. If one single person came up to me and told me my music changed their life or influenced them in a way, I won as an artist. Grammy awards and accolades are cool and all, but at the end of the day, I just want to help others and spread love.

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Serrurier

It was a true honor getting to interview Trent. I really enjoyed learning more about his influences and his musical journey so far. On His way, the debut EP is officially out now on all platforms! Give it a listen, “Big Ego” is my personal favorite.

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