So, I’ve been trying to think of ways to bring something new to the table that is also consistent. While pondering ideas and listening to my music on shuffle, I came to the realization that I have so many songs that are from my favorite artists, but sung by different artist- covers. Some covers from random youtubers, my favorite youtubers, artists from “The Voice,” celebs, people’s soundclouds, etc. Some covers are so interesting because many artists have a way of taking other people’s songs and transforming it into their own, completely changing the stylization of a song. Since I found this so interesting, I felt that maybe some of you would find this interesting too.

SOOO with that being said, “Fleek Fave Cover Friday” was born.

Every friday, I will be delivering a new cover for your curious ears. I will try my best to keep the genres different and keep things exciting.

AND ALSO, If you’re a musical Coog and you’re interested in sharing your beautiful covers to a wider audience, I will also be accepting submissions and maybe you’ll be featured! Email: [email protected]

Keep your eyes out this week for the official FIRST “Fave Cover Friday” post.


By Daisha Lewis

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