Pájaro Sin Alas’ new song

“…With the aforementioned tag, I was forced to realize the descriptive “new” belongs to another batch of artists. Artists like the 19-year-old Juarense behind Pájaro Sin Alas. As more and more of these young (very young) faces begin to pop up, it is time to accept facts: this is indeed a new wave.”

COOG Radio DJ/blog contributor Giovanni Guillén did an excellent write-up on a new song by Mexican artist Pájaro Sin Alas for the Iberoamerican pop blog Club Fonograma. The entry covers not only Pájaro Sin Alas’ track but the Nueva Ola Fronteriza, the ever-changing musical climate of Mexico, and the new grounds by which “Nueva Ola” is determined. Read the full article here.

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