Dan Deacon coming to Fitzgerald’s October 10

Written by on October 1, 2012

 There are few people who can absolutely trance you with their talented performance. I’m not sure if I would call Dan Deacon one of those people. Dan’s absurdist performances have frightened many morning show talk hosts and probably his parents.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to respect Deacon as a serious musician, but he has released more than 8 albums and Pitchfork awarded his 2009 release the #46 best album of the year. He has gained a lot of Internet popularity with his controversial hilarious animated clip that has over 15 million views. “Drinking out of Cups” is rumored to be a recording of Deacon rambling in a closet after taking LSD — Deacon denies these allegations.

Deacon is known to rely heavily on audience participation at his concerts- performing in the crowd rather than on stage. He has also recently developed a free iphone app that turns your phone into a light and sound source so you can interact with his performance — which should make his gig at Fitzgerald’s quite exciting if you decide to check it out.

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