The Independents – 10/9 – Continental Club

Written by on October 5, 2012

Once managed and promoted by the late, great Joey Ramone, The Independents are kinda like…um…kinda like if the Misfits had started later, and combined ska, rockabilly, metal, and 50s rock, all mixed together with what would sound like a re-imagining of what should be the soundtrack to horror and sci-fi B-Movies. Coming from “Murder Beach”, South Carolina, The Independents are pretty well versed in punk and horror-punk. After occasional lineup changes, the consistency in their sound is due to the key founders: “Evil Presly”, who actually does sound like an evil Elvis Presley, and Willy B., who somehow seamlessly draws from multiple styles to create some pretty catchy tunes.

(sorta) NSFW

Despite their given success, the band’s had surprisingly low turnouts for their Houston dates, which is weird because punk/rockabilly/metal is more or less our milieu. Let’s make sure to give these guys a big creepy-but-nonetheless warm Texas welcome. Catch The Independents w/ Los De Verdad and Failed Attempts Tuesday, October 6th at the Continental Club.

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