Power Outage Update: UC without power for the next week

From a press release on the UC website:

University Centers Staff, Contract Partners and UH Offices:

An extensive review of the power situation for the University Center has been completed.  The initial determination is that we have significant issues to mitigate. The priorities for the restoration have been identified as follows:  1) Life Safety and Emergency Power; 2) Bookstore Operations; 3) Second Floor Offices and Services.

The initial projection is that the University Center will remain closed through the remainder of this week.  The first area/service to re-open will be the Bookstore/UC First Floor (projected to be the beginning of next week), followed by the middle of next week for the offices and services on the Second Floor of the University Center.

We anticipate being able to update all of you with more firm date and time for the UC’s re-opening in phases. Updates will be provided via theDivision of Student Affairsand theUniversity Centers.

This means that Coog Radio is off the air for the next week or so.  We really wish this weren’t the case, but sadly it appears that way.  Stay tuned to the Coog Radio sites for the latest updates about this situation, and for when we’ll be back up and running again.

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