Crywank releases first song off new album

Written by on October 17, 2013

James Clayton, the existential young man from England who performs under the moniker “Crywank,” has announced his new album “Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Every Day Is Stupid” will be releasing sometime in November. For those of you who are already familiar with him, the long winded title is no surprise, as he regularly uses long, specific, and sad titles in his work. For example, his first two albums are titled “James is Going to Die Soon” and “Narcissist on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” with song titles like “Nostril Tampon” and “You Won’t Meet A Girl Sitting In Your Room Listening To Music.” He’s a troubled person who doesn’t believe in subtlety and prefers to mock himself rather than others. His previous recordings have had minimal production-preserving any mistakes, voice cracks, or missed notes he made. This adds a certain endearing quality to his records, creating the feeling that you’re there with James, watching him play a live performance. His confessional and often bitingly self-effacing lyrics draw you in and will simultaneously creep you out and impress you. The albums make you root for him, want him to do well-or at least give him a hug. Crywank has the ability to draw you into his world and understand why he hates it. After gaining a bit more popularity, people have been requesting things that cost money, like merchandise and US tours. James, being the wonderful guy he is, is doing his best to put them together but is running into constant financial burdens. He has recorded a new album and hopes that with enough exposure, he can finance a trip to the US. This album has noticeably better production and will likely include many of the songs off his summer demo. In support of his new album, he released the song “Memento Mori” and guys, it’s really good. Have a listen for yourself and rest assured that I’ll be posting more about this album soon.


By Luke Runte

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