Redrick Sultan, from Vancouver BC, has recently released a new music video for their track, “The Prince”. They are an experimental rock band, heavy with folk influences, with songs that highlight vocal harmonies. They’re also known to be versatile with their musical instruments, incorporating the flute, banjo, harmonica, oud, as well as a diverse range of guitars.

I recommend you watch their video and witness the unique sound of their song. “The Prince” perfectly meshes together folk and rock with a regal, cool backdrop.

Redrick Sultan will be on their 3rd US tour this year. Be sure to check them out at SXSW on March 13 at Super Happy Fun Land and on March 17 for a TBD St. Patty’s Day Event.

Be sure to click here to visit their Soundcloud Page for other tracks and visit them on their website.


By: Catalina Campos

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