Architects release new single “Broken Cross”

Written by on February 11, 2014

The British metalcore outfit Architects released the second song, “Broken Cross,” of their sixth LP “Lost Forever//Lost Together,” coming out March 10. According to several sources, the band promised that this album will be much heavier compared to their last release “Daybreaker.” Judging by the singles they have released so far, they are definitely fulfilling their promise. They have maintained the sound they carried throughout “Daybreaker” but added the heaviness and aggression they had in their previous releases “Ruin” and “Hollow Crown.” This song is a bit slower and starts off calmer in comparison to the other single they have released off the upcoming album, “Naysayer,” but still carries the intensity that was present. Personally, I am counting the days until the album is released. If you’re a metalhead and haven’t listened to Architects before, you should definitely add them to your list of bands to check out.



By Raj Radia

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