Concert Review: In Technicolor Tour with Jesse McCartney

Written by on August 30, 2014

Great news for every ‘90’s child – YES Jesse McCartney is as dreamy as we all remember. What an amazing way to start off the school year, Jesse performed at the House of Blues this past Monday as part of his Technicolor tour.

Of course he did not come alone, he brought with him two great artists. The first you may recognize from Dancing With the Stars, Mark Ballas. He performed his new single ‘Get My Name’ as well as a medley of pop songs. He made it a point to show the audience he really was  a contestant on DWTS, with some flashy moves that got a great reaction from the hundreds of screaming girls that were present at the show.

Next was a beautiful girl named Guinevere, who enthralled the audience with her catchy, pro-girl songs. Though her name is a bit strange, her music is exactly what we’re all used to, very upbeat and not much different from what we hear on the radio.


Finally after much anticipation,  Jesse took the stage and started out by performing some of his older numbers that we all remember. In my opinion, there are two kinds of 18-20 year old girls, those who had an unmistakable thing for Jesse growing up, and those that are in denial. The House of Blues was full and Jesse made sure to give a special shout out to his fans for sticking around while he went on his hiatus. Though it was apparent most had come for his older songs, his new album proved to be just as good, and just as catchy. In Technicolor debuted at No. 35 on the Billboard 200 and No. 7 on the Independent Albums chart, not bad at all considering Jesse’s long break.


What surprised me most about the show was undoubtedly Jesse’s ability to dance. Each song came with a new set of choreography that was performed with his team of skilled dancers. Though Jesse was singing as well as dancing, he was able to keep up incredibly well with his dancing team while singing. Jesse made an effort to really cover all sides of the stage and look dreamily off into every direction while singing, and that definitely made a huge impact to the audience. Towards the end of the show, the audience was so in love with Jesse, he could have literally “Happy Birthday” and the crowd would have clapped. He geniusly wrapped up the show with an encore, during which he sang “Beautiful Soul”, needless to say everyone melted.

Houston gave Jesse Mccartney a warm welcome back to the music world, hopefully JMac will be returning again, we all need a little blast from the early 2000’s now and again.


By Natasha Naik

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