This Pretty Little Liar Can Blow

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You may know her from the hit series “Pretty Little Liars”,  but I bet you didn’t know she could sing.  With the release of her debut album,  “Road Between”, Lucy Hale is finally living out her country music dreams.  Her daily life now consists of live shows and screaming fans.  And if you heard her voice, you would scream your own away.

Singing is far from something new to the young actress turned country starlet.  Hale has been vocalizing and harmonizing to her favorite Disney tunes since she was a little girl!  In the days where cassette players where all the rage, little Lucy would sit in her room singing, “A Whole New World” on repeat.  Now, endless singing from years ago is finally paying off.

Summer is definitely deeming itself successful for the Pretty Little Liars actress.  Road Between is topping the Billboard charts, and if that isn’t enough dosage of Hale, she is headlining in the September issue for Cosmopolitan Magazine, her new clothing line with Hollister is AMAZEBALLS, and my friends, mom, brother and the stray cat near my window can’t get enough of Pretty Little Liars.  Like seriously Luce, can you be any more talented?


Check out her latest music video, “Lie a Little Better”:


By Tobechi Oparah

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