Concert Review: Watsky’s All You Can Do Tour

Written by on October 27, 2014

As the sun started around House of Blues, crowds lined up in anticipation to witness the fast-paced rapper and poet known as Watsky on October 21st.

Around 7 pm the doors opened for people to start streaming into the Peacock Room. Once inside, the dark ambiance and dangling chandeliers set the stage for a hyperactive performance. After an hour of waiting and mingling around the crowd in the front of the venue, the lights finally dimmed and the crowd came to a hush as one of the first opening artists came onto the stage.

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Anderson Paak, a virtually unknown artist, charmed the audience with introducing who he was and constantly asking, “Who am I?!” and the crowd yelling back, “Anderson Paak!” Paak had amazing stage presence and interacted quite often with the crowd. He even went off the stage and serenaded several girls in the front while showing off his vocal range and R&B influence. Not only did Paak sway the audience with his impressive drum solos and jazzy rendition of “Maps” by The YeahYeahYeahs, he got the crowd jumping along to one of his own songs called “Drugs.” After his set was done he asked the audience once again who he was and every single person there knew his name and shouted it ecstatically.

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The next person to come on was Brick, part of the SuperDuper posse of KYLE’s. Brick had his laptop set up and remixed some songs such as “U Guessed It” and “Move That Dope”  in order to get the audience hyped for KYLE. After about 10 minutes of Brick’s set, KYLE jumped onto stage with his most famous song, “Fruits Snacks & Cups of Patron” with Brick and threw out actual bags of gummy fruit snacks at the crowd. KYLE’s long lasting energy translated into the crowd well as he performed songs from his album Beautiful Loser like “Sex and Super Smash Brothers,” “Keep It Real,” and “BANG” which him and Brick danced out on stage and crowd surfed many times during their performance.

KYLE also performed his new single, “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” and ended with pulling out a boogie board that he used to literally “crowd surf” on the audience while performing another song from his album, “When Can We.” It is obvious that Houston gave KYLE much love during his performance and he gained some new fans that night after his electrifying showmanship.

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Tension was at an all-time high after KYLE was done performing his set. As the stage cleared and the lights came down again, Watsky jumped out and immediately started spitting his machine-gun paced raps as the crowd went crazy.

IMG_8217 IMG_8259

Watsky proceeded to feed off the crowd’s energy and performed lots of songs from his new album All You Can Do. Songs such as “Let’s Get High and Watch Planet Earth,” “Never Let it Die,” “Bet Against Me,” and “Whoa Whoa Whoa” made it into his set and was received well by the crowd as people recited the lyrics perfectly and rocked out with Watsky. However, Watsky also threw it back to his older songs like “4 AM Monday” and “Sloppy Seconds” from his album Cardboard Castles. He also came back with a crowd favorite, “IDGAF” that ended the show on a nostalgic note.

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The crowd dispersed slowly after rocking out to the dynamic, fast paced flows from Watsky and it is evident that the “All You Can Do” tour is off to a good start after their sold out show in House of Blues.

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