FunFunFun Fest Artist: Dinosaur Jr., J Mascis

Written by on October 20, 2014


Legendary noise/indie rockers Dinosaur Jr. are playing Fun Fun Fun Fest!

Formed from the ashes of the fantastic hardcore punk band Deep Wound in the ’80s, Dinosaur Jr. (originally Dinosaur) was formed by J Mascis and Lou Barlow (also of Sebadoh), playing entirely different instruments than in Deep Wound.  They took the indie scene by storm, their albums You’re Living All Over Me and Bug becoming staples of the genre, blending alternative rock songwriting with a noise rock sound.  Dinosaur Jr. were a contradiction, combining slacker rock with “cock rock” to create a sound unlike anything before.  Frontman J Mascis was the original indie rock guitar hero, ripping through epic solos with calm and ease, completely bewildering and awe-inspiring to behold.  Lou Barlow left the band after Bug and Dinosaur Jr. adopted a more conventional sound, dropping the noise, but in turn gaining more airplay.  They disbanded for what seemed like good in 1997, but they reformed in 2005, with Lou Barlow back in the lineup.  They’ve since released three new albums, and Beyond and Farm are considered classic examples of comeback albums done right, talked about alongside their ’80s albums as being their best work.

If I could only pick one band to see at Fun Fun Fun Fest, it would be Dinosaur Jr.  J Mascis and Lou Barlow, throughout their multiple musical endeavors, blow my mind with their passion and skill, as well as their ability to still write fantastic new music thirty years into their careers.

In addition, lead vocalist and guitarist J Mascis will be playing a solo set in support of his most recent solo album on Sub Pop, Tied to a Star.  Mascis’ solo work is more restrained, easing back on the electric guitar heroics of his band in favor of acoustic singer/songwriter material, but still manages to cram in some great soloing and there’s a simple beauty to the melodies he crafts in his independent work.

Dinosaur Jr. will be playing on the orange stage on Friday, November 7th in support of alt-J, and J Mascis will be playing his solo set also on the orange stage, but on Sunday, November 9th, in support of Neutral Milk Hotel.  Coog Radio will be organizing ticket giveaways during the weeks leading up to the festival, so stay engaged!  And stay tuned for more Meet the Artists posts covering the outstanding lineup!


By Travis Shosa

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