Beyonce Delivers Again With TWO New Tracks

Written by on November 22, 2014


Beyoncé never fails to impress, managing to give the fans new music when they least expect it. Songs “7/11” and “Ring Off “display two very different sides of Queen B, both of which we have grown to love.

Friday morning became a lot brighter when Beyoncé dropped two new singles from new deluxe edition of her most recent album, Beyoncé. The Beyoncé Platinum Edition will include a More collection filled with remixes and unreleased tracks, such as these two. The songs “7/11” and “Ring Off” build up the anticipation of the album, and give fans something to look forward to from the new release.

“7/11” comes in blazing, percussion hitting as soon as the song comes on. Beyoncé immediately commands the listener to “smack it in the air…legs movin’ side to side,” showing that this is a good ole’ dance track, intended to be a song one simply has fun and dances to. The track puts the listener in the mindset of her previous songs like “Yonce” and “Flawless,” as she delivers lines in her cocky, rapid-fire tone of voice. The rap persona is back once again, allowing the rawness of Beyoncé to once again come alive. Lyrically, this song is not her strongest body of work, but that is not the intention in putting it out. Beyoncé wants the listener to just have a good time and just dance to the beat.

“Ring Off” is the type of song that makes you listen to “7/11” as a quick pick me up. This is a much serious single, as Beyoncé finally addresses the divorce of her parents, from her mother’s point of view. Discussing marriage, cheating, and despair, this song reflects on the past while shining a positive light on the future. Lines like, “mama, put your love on top…you gon’ shine and put your love on top,” display a more gentle side of Beyoncé as she encourages the woman who raised her to love and be loved. A sense of overcoming presents itself as the song ends with Beyoncé’s mother stating that “if you’re going through it…you’re gonna survive,” which was from a speech she gave discussing the trials and tribulations of her life.

Almost a year after Beyoncé was released, Queen B, manages to create the same excitement for her new project as she did before.


By Micah McDonald

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