Corina’s FunFunFun Fest Chronicles: The Final Day

Written by on November 12, 2014

Day three of FunFunFun Fest was bittersweet. I was sad because the festivities were coming to an end, but I was also relieved due to my exhaustion. The day went sour for me on the way to the festival. There was a wreck that had me stuck in traffic for almost an hour. I was very irritated by the time I made it to Auditorium Shores.

As soon as I began my trek my spirits were lifted. It was a warm sunny Sunday. I immediately ran to the Yellow Stage to meet with lead singer Jared Boulanger of The Sour Notes. We went to the restricted area where only the bands, security and production wander, to escape for the loud crowds. The interview will be posted later today. The interview fell during Foxygen’s set so I unfortunately missed out. The Sour Notes opened for Foxygen at one of the Sunday Nite shows. However, I was on the road back to Houston by then.

After the interview, I took the liberty to explore all of the fun things offered. Shiner went all out with The Prosit. There were a few tables of ping pong games running the whole time. Shiner Jenga was at every table. Several games of Shiner bean bag toss were going on as well.

prosit jenga

There was a photo booth set up in a port-a-potty.

photo booth

Volcom set up their Super Collider and during the day. The sponsored team of athletes took the ramps all day for the three days. There was a mixture of bikes and skateboards.


Right next to the Super Collider there was a wrestling ring were matches were held as well as a freak show on Sunday. Lizard Man took a cranial cork through the mouth, nose and into the ear! It was not a show for those with a weak stomach!

A mechanic bull on site was a favorite for kids and adults alike.


The festival was greatly sponsored. The Twinkie man gave away so many Twinkies. I almost had to fight him trying to explain that I did not need 5 Twinkies. Red Bulls girls were passing out energy, will Kind Bars were being given away on the walk to and from the festival.

Finally I caught the two acts that I was dying to see.

Rocket From The Crypt was mind-blowing. There was a slight sound issue at the beginning causing the set to start ten minutes after it was scheduled. Once there sound was set, the group left only to quickly emerge, all wearing matching outfits. I loved it. It is a band trait that has been lost over the years. The band was an older group of tall dark handsome men. I had no idea they were in their forties. The youthful energy of the band fooled me. The set rocked. We were all dancing and grooving, we thrived off their energy and vice versa.

Rocket !

rocket 1

I then mad my way to the show I had been dying to see all weekend- Neutral Milk Hotel. I made my way through every crack I could fit into along stage left. I got up close enough to see that a message was displayed on the screen. The band requested that no photography or video was taken during the set. I personally have too much respect for them as artists to go against their wishes. It opened with just Jeff Mangum with his guitar and signature voice singing “I Will Bury You In Time.” I cried. The raw talent of this band, the use of unique instruments such as the french horn, accordion, banjo, even a saw, was a pleasure to witness. Some guy passed out on the back of my legs. Hands down, they were the highlight of the festival for me.

I arrived back in Houston around midnight, very happy to be back in bed. I did get homesick.

Thanks for the killer weekend Austin.


By Corina Carrizales

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