Exclusive Interview with Jared of The Sour Notes

Written by on November 12, 2014

The Sour Notes are an Austin based indie rock band. They have gone on several tours along the east and west coasts and have performed in various festivals including SXSW and Free Press Summer Fest. They opened up the Orange Stage Saturday morning for Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. I had the privilege to sit down and chat with lead singer and founder Jared Boulanger on Sunday.

Thank you security guy for photo bombing like a champ.

Thank you security guy for photo bombing like a champ.

I asked how the current members came to be, since throughout the years many have come and gone. Amarah has been a member since 2010, Chris used to be in the band and left, but they reunited with him for Saturday’s show. Their amazing drummer is truly a story. Erin used to be their merchandise girl. A series of unfortunate events led to the previous drummer being given the boot in Washington D.C. She was an overnight drummer.

“She learned songs in the back of the van on the way to the next stop by air drumming.” said Jared.

She pulled it off and became the band’s official drummer. She also plays the bass. During Saturday’s show she and Amarah switched in the middle of the set!

Erin and Amarah after the instrument swap.

Erin and Amarah after the instrument swap.

They are currently not on a tour now, but were one of the first round picks to play in the upcoming SXSW.

Jared’s thoughts on Fun Fun Fun Fest in comparison to Houston’s Free Press, “The one thing I always remember about Free Press is that it is the hottest festival out there…one time a power supply melted on stage because it was so hot.”

Free Press, despite the heat, has a special place in his heart, since he began his solo work in Houston and lived in the city for years. Most of the band members are originally from Houston.

His favorite places to hang out in town including Fitzgerald’s and Niko Niko’s. He went on to say, “Houston has some of the best food in the state.”

He also appreciates the art district, “Houston’s art scene is stellar!”

Jared rocking out on Saturday.

Jared rocking out on Saturday.

Next week their latest album, Do What May, is getting remixed by the Octopus Project and Feathers.

They will be doing a small tour at the beginning of next year before SXSW, most likely on the west coast.

They have a new album that will be coming out next year. The new album is going to be two EP’s that make up an album. One side will be The Darkest Sour and the other will be The Finest Sour.

“No one knows about that yet, so a little tip. I’ve only told people about the first half [The Darkest Sour].”

Be sure to check them out in Houston on December 19th. The will be headlining at Walter’s.


By Corina Carrizales


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