FunFunFun Fest Artist: Run the Jewels

Written by on November 2, 2014


Run the Jewels is a fairly new American hip hop duo composed of the rappers EI-P and Killer Mike.

Originally this EI-P helped produce Killer Mike’s album R.A.P. Music. in 2012 and Killer Mike appeared in EI-P’s own album called Cancer 4 Cure. A year after these releases, they combined their talents to create Run the Jewels and rock the hip hop world.

Their first self-titled album Run the Jewels circulated as a free digital download last year in 2013. It blew up and soon Run the Jewels began going around turning up the venues they performed in.

Warning: These videos contain mature language.

Not only does this duo spit sick verses, they also have a quirky sense of humor. Along with their second album Run the Jewels 2 that they released this past October they will also make a light-hearted remix with “cat sounds” throughout the album that will be called “Meow the Jewels.” This unique mix will be released in 2015 and feature guests such as Alchemist, Prince Paul, Just Blaze, and others.

Run the Jewels will be performing at FunFunFun Fest on November 7th on the Blue Stage.

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