Lorde covers Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell ‘Em”

Written by on November 15, 2014


Ever since Lorde dropped The Love Club EP and Pure Heroine, she has been reigning over America with her pop-punk beats and sultry voice. Lately she has been performing at several festivals around the world such as Lollapalooza, Laneway Festival, and Coachella.

Just recently, BBC Radio released a video of Lorde covering the famous R&B/Soul song, “Don’t Tell ‘Em” originally by Jeremih. It is… surprisingly pretty good! You can really tell she’s into making the song into her own and does a great job of adding a Lorde-esque feel to the song. Of course however, along with the song she does her quirky, thrash-like dance moves that some people enjoy and some people cringe at while watching. Whether or not you are a fan of her dancing, her cover of Jeremih’s popular song is worth listening to at least once!

Watch the video below to listen to her cover of “Don’t Tell ‘Em.”

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