Mixtape Review: Milk and Sugar by Felly

Written by on November 7, 2014

After receiving an admirable amount of attention for his last mixtape “Waking Up to Sirens,” Chris Felner has released yet another impressive compilation this past Halloween.

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This Californian native started up in 2010 and has made a name for himself by not only releasing tracks that producers and rappers can respect, but also by trying to sell his own beats. Felly started up selling on a website called “Bandcamp,” and eventually made five mixtapes along with music videos for several of his songs like “Low Low” and “Morning.” His most mixtape “Waking Up to Sirens” generated a lot more attention from the hip hop community and Felly has not stopped there.

His new mixtape shows more of Felly’s versatility in soulful songs like Tell Me featuring Ari Lennox and hype tracks like Probation. There are also some new galatic-like beats in Cella and a jungle vibe in Panama which is something new for his listeners, but works as Felly goes in. There is also a throwback to Low Low, one of his songs in “Waking Up to Sirens,” at the end of Pricey where an anonymous girl raps along to the beat which former listeners of Felly will catch onto. Songs like Milk and Sugar, Reyn Spooner, and Schoolzone shine the most with catchy hooks and bouncy beats. In a nutshell, “Milk and Sugar” is a wholesome mixtape that is sure to make you a fan if you are into chill hip-hop.

Listen to “Milk and Sugar” in the link below!

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