So Long, Farewell: 106 & Park’s Top 10 Greatest Moments

Written by on November 20, 2014


After a 14-year long run on cable television, BET’s daily video countdown show 106 & Park will air its last episode in December convert to an online-only production in 2015. BET hopes that with the switch over to digital-only, they will be able to better engage with its core audience. Since the end of an era is inching closer to us, I’m here to share some of my favorite moments from the show with my dear Coog Radio blog readers:

1. Chris Brown Performs “Run It”

In light of Brown’s upcoming tour with Trey Songz next year, let’s travel back to 2006 when a young Breezy took the 106 & Park  stage to perform his debut single “Run It”. At this moment, America knew that there was a new R&B superstar in the making with all the killer dance moves Brown showed off on the show.

2. Bow Wow and Tyra Banks Share a Smooch 

Who could forget when Bow Wow and Tyra shared an on-camera kiss on that 106 & Park stage in 2013? The then 39-year-old supermodel and then 26-year-old rapper reenacted some lip-locking PDA from their pasts. This was the second time the duo shared a kiss on camera; they also kissed on The Tyra Show months before!

3. Michelle Williams Takes a Fall

Back in 2004, when Destiny’s Child was at their peak, they were invited on 106 & Park to perform their world-famous single “Soldier”. Who could ever forget when the trio took the stage and Michelle ended up on the floor while Beyonce and Kelly Rowland did not miss a beat and continued on? Williams still remembers this embarrassing moment up to this day! Check out the first 7 seconds of the video below to see Michelle’s tumble.

4. Lil’ Kim Disses Rocsi 

We all know about the beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj as it has been well chronicled throughout the past few years. During a 2012 appearance on the show, former host Rocsi tried to get the Lil’ Kim to open up about her thoughts on Minaj. But the Brooklyn rapper was sick and tired of talking about their ongoing beef and chided the 106 & Park co-host for being disrespectful in her questioning.

5. Lil’ Wayne Kisses Birdman

We have all heard the rumors that Lil Wayne and Birdman have kissed before but when Cash Money appeared on 106 & Park, we saw it for our own eyes. During the interview, Free asked Birdman, “When you kiss a girl, right?” and before she had a chance to finish her question, Lil Wayne said “I’m the only one he kisses” and kissed Birdman in the mouth. See it for yourself below!

6. Kanye West vs. 50 Cent

Back in 2007 when going platinum in a week was doable, 50 and Kanye came to 106 & Park to announce their bet: to go head-to-head for their albums ‘Curtis’ and ‘Graduation,’ respectfully. Both albums were dropping on September 11 of that year and 50 Cent waged that if Kanye outsold him, he would retire from ever releasing an album again. Well, one week in and Yeezy sold 957,000 units while 50 pushed out 691,0000. It was a close race, but Yeezy came out with the win in the end!



7. Aaliyah’s Last Interview

In 2001, we lost an amazing and talented singer when Aaliyah died in a private plane crash while leaving the Bahamas. She flew to the exquisite island to shoot a music video for her single “Rock The Boat”, but just four days before she boarded the doomed flight, Aaliyah made what turned out to be her final appearance on 106 & Park. RIP Aaliyah.

8. Michael Jackson Passes Away

On June 25th, 2009, the world was shocked to learn of Michael Jackson’s untimely death. Many people remembered exactly where they were the moment they found out the news. For former 106 & Park co-hosts Terrence J and Rocsi, they found out at work on the air. The co-hosts were understandably shocked and at a loss for words reporting the “Thriller” singer’s death.

9. First Lady Michelle Obama Stops By

First Lady Michelle Obama graced the set of 106 & Park last year. With a goal in mind, the coolest FLOTUS opened up about how education played a pivotal role in her life. She shared some of her favorite pastimes as a teenager and how her husband, Mr. Barack Obama, is working hard every single day to improve America’s education system.

10. August Alsina Throws Shade at Keisha

And finally, saving the best for last! Up-and-coming R&B artist, August Alsina, swung by the 106 & Park stage earlier this year to join current hosts Bow Wow and Keisha Chante to promote some new music. Even though Alsina made it clear before the show that he did not want to be asked about his beef with Trey Songz, Keisha asked him on live on air anyway.  This resulted in Alsina calling the host out for going against the grain” and still bringing up the situation. He would later apologize for the on-air shade, but Bow Wow received a lot of flack for not backing up his co-host.


Well, that does it! We here at Coog Radio will miss this iconic show, but know that its legacy will carry on for many years to come. Don’t forget to watch the final episode of 106 & Park on December 19th on BET!

By Rupal Mehta

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