20 Albums That Turn 20 in 2015

Written by on January 7, 2015


Are you turning 20 this year? If so, you’re in luck! You might share a birthday with one of these CLASSIC albums that turn 20 in 2015. These albums are seminal for their time period and are still radio staples to this day. Yet, I have also chosen some others that may have gotten lost with the times or that are pesonal favorites of mine. Also, I have included tracks that you should revisit from these albums that may jog your memory or give you a sample of what these albums were about if you’ve never heard them. AND FINALLY, I have curated a Spotify playlist of these tracks for you to listen to for those times when you’re feeling nostalgic for a time period that you might not have even grown up in because that can be fun right?


Post– Bjork

Released: June 13, 1995

This album broke the Icelandic songstress officially in the states and made us familiar with her now iconic music video imagery like “It’s Oh So Quiet” and “Army of Me.”

Revisit: Army of Me, Headphones, Hyperballad

The Woman in Me– Shania Twain

Released: Febuary 7, 1995

The Woman in Me started the now infamous collaboration (and subsequent marriage and messy divorce) between the Canadian Country Queen and super producer Mutt Lange. This album has hits for miles, is 12x Platinum, and was one of the best selling albums of the decade.

Revisit: Any Man of Mine, (If You’re Not in it For Love) I’m Outta Here!, The Woman in Me (Needs the Man in You)

Tragic Kingdom– No Doubt

Released: October 10, 1995

This is by far one of my favorite albums of the decade and it still holds up really well even in this day and age. This was the debut of this band in the mainstream with only one album previous to this release. It spawned hits such as “Don’t Speak,” “Spiderwebs,” and “Sunday Morning.”

Revisit: Sixteen, Sunday Morning, Excuse Me Mr.

Another Night– Real McCoy

Released: March 14, 1995

The electronica and euro-pop movment that took over the 90s club scene in a way “dated” or “branded” the decade as a whole; as seen in “Night at the Roxbury” and “Go!” Yet, this album has aged much better than it’s contemporaries in my oponion. It set the ground work for what electronic music could become and would become and is still blood-pumping, rave-inducing, crazy good.

Revisit– Automatic Lover, Operator, I Want You

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?– Oasis

Released: October 2, 1995

Talk about a “Champagne Supernova.” All the hits from this album are still played heavily on the radio today and it’s considered a staple of 90s indie-alternative.

Revisit: Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back in Anger, Champagne Supernova

Jagged Little Pill– Alanis Morissette

Released: June 13, 1995

Can you even escape this album? The answer is no. You outta know that…

Revisit: Ironic, Hand in my Pocket, You Learn

To Bring You My Love– PJ Harvey

Released: Febuary 27, 1995

You can hear the sound of this female being referenced heavily by other woman artist today. Easily one of the most influencial of the decade, you can compare her sound and style to that of modern lady alt-rockers like St. Vincent, Lorde, and Sky Ferreira.

Revisit: Down By the Water, C’Mon Billy, I Think I’m a Mother

Foo Fighters– Foo Fighters

Released: July 4, 1995

A debut from the now rock juggernauts, this was “the little album that could” in many ways. Released a year after the disbandment of Nirvana and passing of it’s leader Kurt Cobain, drummer Dave Grohl pressed onward as front man and rhythm guitarist of Foo Fighters and this album gave the world a taste of what would eventually take over the rock n roll mainstream.

Revisit: This is a Call, Exhausted, Good Grief

Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness– Smashing Pumpkins

Released: October 24, 1995

One of the most famous albums of the decade, it solidified the sound of these alternative rock icons and let everyone know what “angst” sounded like.

Revisit: Tonight Tonight, 1979, In the Arms of Sleep

A Change of Seasons– Dream Theater

Released: September 19, 1995

Although this is really one song, it took up a whole side of the album. The other side has a great selection of covers and live medleys, but this 23+ minute epic changed the face of progressive metal and is commonly referred to as a masterpiece of fusion and progressive music itself.

Revisit: A Change of Seasons

Tails– Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

Released: September 26, 1995

There was not a short supply of “singer-songwriter” musicians in the 90s. Females crooners such as k.d. lang, Tori Amos, and Melissa Ethridge were hitting the airwaves hard and breaking into the mainstream. Then, there was Lisa Loeb. With a sort of reserved, librarian, indie vibe, she had a hit in “Stay (I Missed You)” and has now influenced artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, and Nora Jones.

Revisit: Do You Sleep?, Sandalwood, Alone

Daydream– Mariah Carey

Released: October 3, 1995

This is just so full of hits man. The longest charting single of all time “One Sweet Day” is included on this album and I mean, it’s just a powerhouse of great ballads and catchy singles.

Revisit: Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Always Be My Baby

The Presidents of the United States of America– The Presidents of the United States of America

Released: March 1995

Talk about the pre-cusor to “quirky indie-alt-rock,” these guys were the kings of making you sing along and making you laugh. Yet, they were great songwriters and had hits good enough to catch the attention of mainstream radio AND Weird Al.

Revisit: Kitty, Peaches, Kick Out the Jams

Destroy, Erase, Improve– Meshuggah

Released: July 25, 1995

A band who apparently coined the phrase “djent” to describe their “elastic, syncopated guitar riffs” that then later gave a name to the microgenre. You have to hear it to truly understand; musicanship wise, these guys are on a another planet.

Revisit: Humiliative, Ritual, Future Breed Machine

Sleater-Kinney– Sleater-Kinney

Released: 1995

This 3-piece all female indie-alt rock outfit had no bass player, just two guitarist and a drummer. One of the guitarist is now well-known comedian of “Portlandia” fame, Carrie Brownstein. This band is really under-rated, forgetten, and painfully under-referenced and it’s a shame. They were great players and songwriters and this year they are returning to the spotlight with a new album and tour which I am anxious to hear AND see!

Revisit: Don’t Think You Wanna, How to Play Dead, Be Yr Mama

Pieces of You– Jewel

Released: February 28, 1995

This yodeler-songwriter has stood the test of time and still has somehow managed to stay relevant in our culture today as a judge on the singing competition show “The Sing Off.” She has haunting songs with brooding lyrics and what I consider to be a signature voice.

Revisit: Who Will Save Your Soul?, Foolish Games, Morning Song

Blonder & Blonder– The Muffs

Released: April 11, 1995

You might remember this band from the iconic cover they did of “Kids in America” for the even more iconic 90s classic Clueless. In turn, this album goes even HARDER with their punk rock sound with a bratty presentation and a snotty diposition.

Revisit– Agony, Funny Face, I’m Confused

Astro-Creep: 2000 – Songs of Love, Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head– White Zombie

Released: April 11, 1995

Containing hits that littered 90s movies such as “More Human Than Human” and “Super Charger Heaven,” this was the album that took metal darlings White Zombie to new heights. In the end, it was more in an ironic sense because they broke up almost directly after it’s release. Never the less, when I heard it as a kid I knew it was different than everything else, and when listening now it still is.

Revisit: Real Solution #9, Creature of the Wheel, Blur the Technicolor

Sew True– Tattle Tale

Released: 1995

This album is so indie and avant garde that it’s not even on Spotify to stream. Not really but kind of, I found the songs on YouTube for your listening pleasure. They had slight success because their song was in an INFAMOUS scene in a popular 90s cult film “But I’m a Cheerleader.” Check them out!

Revisit: Glass Vase Cello Case, Lingerie Lament, Silent Picture Show

Garbage– Garbage

Released: August 15, 1995

Shirley Manson is such a legendary front-woman and songwriter that it’s amazing how well this album showcases that. This album delves into the madness of 90s industrial and alternative music with amazing production by drummer Butch Vig.

Revisit: Queer, Only Happy When it Rains, Vow


Tell me what albums YOU loved from ’95 and share this post with your buddies who like these albums, or hate them, I don’t mind.






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