Fave Cover Friday: Heartless

As promised, here’s the first “Fave Cover Friday” post! It was very hard picking the first song for this segment…But after several pros and cons lists, heads or tails flips, polls, etc., I finally decided on Taylor John Williams’ version of Kanye West’s song “Heartless”.

“Heartless” was released in 2008 as Kanye’s second single from his album “808s and Heartbreak”.

Heavily auto-tuned and upbeat, this original is very different from Taylor’s cover.


This version of the song is quite soulful and relaxing- very different from the original. Isn’t it cool how someone can take a song and change it so much? Taylor was a contestant and semi-finalist of “The Voice” season 7 and used this song for his blind auditions.


By Daisha Lewis

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