The New Kids On The Block Bring Nostalgia To A City Near You

Written by on January 24, 2015

Gather ’round children. Gather ’round. Although 2015 has just started…it’s about start feeling like the ’90s again. The New Kids on the Block stopped by Good Morning America on Monday to announce plans for a summer headlining tour featuring girl group TLC and rapper Nelly. I’ll give you a moment to let all of the nostalgia settle in.


This is not the first time the NKOTB decided to step back in time. After reuniting in 2008 and consistently selling out arenas, venues and even a few cruises, the band embarked on a summer tour in 2013 along with Boys II Men and 98 Degrees. While The New Kids on the Block rose to fame in the late eighties, TLC climbed the charts in the nineties and Nelly dominated in the early 2000s; this tour is sure to unite a variety of age groups for the ultimate throwback. “The Main Event” summer tour performances will take place “in the round” meaning a center stage allowing for full visual access. The band plans to add this 360-degree stage setup with a perimeter of bar seats reserved for fans in order for them to be up close and personal during the tour.

TLC’s announcement of joining the tour came with the news of hoping to fund a final album through their Kickstarter sending fans into a frenzy. Nelly, who is currently overseas with the armed forces, has recently invited the public into his personal life with his new show “Nellyville” on BET. While the groups plan to perform crowd favorites, all performers promise all new production elements and more recent songs for the crowd to enjoy.

All three acts are scheduled to kick off the tour on May 1st in Las Vegas with plans to stop by the Houston Toyota Center on Saturday, May 16. If you don’t want to miss this once and a lifetime performance, you can visit or for more information on presales and ticket prices!

Tell us if you’re planning on going and what you think! Meanwhile, here’s a DJ Earworm mashup and some of my favorites!


By Rae Tolbert

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