Toro y Moi Announces New Album “What For?” + New Single “Empty Nesters”

Earlier this week Chazwick Bundick, other wise known as Toro y Moi, released a new track titled “Empty Nesters” along with the announcement of his upcoming fourth album, What For?. For those who have been following Toro y Moi, “Empty Nesters” is not, in any way, similar to any of his previous material. The new track features a bubblier but bearable sound which strays from his previous “chillwave” sound that most Toro y Moi fans are used to.

With the release of “Empty Nesters,” one can only conclude that Toro y Moi has continued to develop his sound and has decided to take his music in an entirely new direction with this album. What For? is scheduled to be released April 7.

Make sure to give “Empty Nesters” a listen below.

What For? Tracklist:

  1. What You Want
  2. Buffalo
  3. The Flight
  4. Empty Nesters
  5. Ratcliff
  6. Lilly
  7. Spell It Out
  8. Half Dome
  9. Run Baby Run
  10. Yeah Right

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