Album: “Phantom Garden” by Len Sander

Written by on February 17, 2015


When one thinks of Switzerland what is the first thing to come to mind? Cheese? Chocolate? Expensive watches?

Probably, but here is something else to think about. The Swiss 6-piece Len Sander.

Len Sander’s debut LP Phantom Garden has grown up and matured with the band over the past decade and it is finally ready to meet the world. The album arrived with an encouragement to be heard, “uninterrupted, from beginning to end, and on a pair of good headphones,” so I did just that. Late Sunday night Phantom Garden took over my senses, I emerged myself into the unfamiliar sounds and fell in love with the melodies and the smooth vocals of Blanka Inauen.

Think of the great Robyn who like Len Sander has catchy beats but lyrics with far greater depth than your average pop song. Phantom Garden speaks of lost love by a group of “heartbroken romantics,” with your traditional instrumentation but also bringing different synthesized sounds that your senses are sure to enjoy. Len Sander’s debut album will bring pleasure not only to your ears but to your soul. So when you’re up past midnight on a restless night, grab your best pair of headphones, lay back, and immerse yourself in the musical journey that is Phantom Garden.

For fans of Phantogram and Sleigh Bells

Recommended track: Electrocardiography

Phantom Garden drops on 2.20.15

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By Norma Becerra

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