Artist Spotlight: Peace

Written by on February 12, 2015

Sometimes music doesn’t belong to a genre and it’s just good, that’s where the English group, Peace, falls. Peace is comprised of two brothers and two friends, who’ve been creating magic together since 2009. The group formed as something to pass the time and eventually grew to become the successful band they are now.

The group released their second full length album on February 6th, 2015, titled “Happy People.” There was no sophomore slump in their case because the second album is just as riveting as the last. There are no boring songs or skippers, all eighteen songs (Deluxe Edition) flow from one to the other flawlessly. All of the songs on an album shouldn’t sound the same, but they should complement each other and that’s exactly what they managed in this case. The band’s first full length release “In Love” was released in 2013 and included hits like “Follow Baby” and “Bloodshake.”

Peace has a sound that will get under your skin in the best possible way. They’ll find their way into your mind and rattle you until you’re thinking about that person you saw on the sidewalk and wondering how they are. Though they’ve not made their way to mainstream radio in America yet, it won’t be long. The group could easily transfer airwaves and make a splash in the Top 40.

Check out “Happy People” on Spotify and pick it up on iTunes after you fall “In Love” with yet other English band. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook too, for US tour dates and music news.


By Bethany Polson

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